by crobertson

a baby buggy

a lion

faith, hope and charity

a church with a steeple and little people

a trolley car

R for Rose

a dog (my beloved Indy)

a camera

a hope chest

cute as a button

a fishing rod with 2 fish

special daughter


a birdie in bird cage

a paint palette

a turtle

All charms on a bracelet.  But this is more than a bracelet.  It is a memory.  It is a tradition.  It is symbolic.  It is meaningful.  It is close to my heart.  It is continuous.

Today I look back at the fishing rod with 2 fish.

My fishing buddy (I was his fishing buddy too) grandpa and I would always go out to our “special spot” to fish.  We had a couple of them (different lakes).  The morning sun would come through the window.  Our bellies would be full from “grandpas famous eggs” (a recipe for a later post).  Just a few steps to the picture window looking out to the lake, “Grandpa! Grandpa! someone is in our spot!”  “Oh- well they’re just going to have to leave!”  “Lets get our things ready and maybe they’ll have moved by then”.

Grandpa would usually row.  The sound of the oars gliding through the water was my countdown.  Not long after hooking my worm and casting…”Bite! Bite! Bite!”  “Shh…you’ll scare the fish.” grandpa would say.

What seemed like only minutes was hours and…Ding…Ding…Ding…

“It sounds like grandmas got lunch ready”

This summer I took my little niece Maggie to one of our “special spots”.

In the future I will take my son/daughter to one of our “special spots”.