Writers Block?

by crobertson

Me:  “I’m having a total writers block today…any ideas?”  “Chris?”

Chris:  “I heard, let me just put these few things away.”  “Write about the things that bring you joy”  “Write about Michigan, the wedding, Atticus.”

I thought to myself, these are great ideas, but nothing is coming to me right now.  Maybe pieces for future posts, but not today.  The day didn’t wait for me to get rid of my writers block.  The day had to continue…

Me:  “If you could bring the clothes to the laundry room for me, I’ll load the washer & get everything started”

and continue…

Chris:  “Can you grab a new towel & help me dry these dishes?”

Until now.  As I sat down on the couch and placed my computer in front of me, Chris said, “Do you want me to turn off the TV?”  I thought of yesterdays post.  “Yeah, thanks”  It was quite, peaceful, I was ready.

Throughout the day I noticed something.  Something that has caused arguments.  Something that I care very much about.  Something that is and will always be a goal of mine.  Something that almost went unnoticed…Teamwork.

Thank you Chris.  I love you.