by crobertson


The aroma of coffee fills the house. An older couple stands by the window watching the snow fall. “How does eggs and bacon sound for breakfast?” he asks. “Sounds perfect.” Neither one moving from their spot by the window as if they were sharing a thought that kept them memorized. The elderly mans arm embraces her. She glances up. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she said. “Yes, it looks like the snow storm that brought us together 57 years ago.” A smile runs across their faces as they look back out the window. Remembering…

57 years ago he was a teenager walking home from school in a snow storm (thinking to himself…uh this is dreadful). He heard a muffled laugh, but couldn’t see where it was coming from.

57 years ago she was a teenager walking home from school in a snow storm (thinking what a perfect day to make a snow angel).


“Oh Hi.”

“Oh my, are you ok?  Can I give you a hand?”

“I’ll stay down here, thank you for your kindness.”

“Your going to stay…Why?”

“The snow looks beautiful from here.”

“Oh…” He looked down at her puzzled.

“Well…are you going to join me?” she asked.

A moment of silence. “Wow…you’re right.”

“Well I suppose that eggs and bacon isn’t going to make itself.” he said with a smile. They turned around holding hands.