My 4th Graders

by crobertson

It’s ISAT week…Yuck!  Every year it makes it way around.  Every year I never feel as prepared as I should be.  I can’t help but think:  are they ready, stressed, tired, guessing, putting in all their effort, remembering everything we’ve done…

I sat there, looking around the room and realized something.

The room was quiet.  Respectful.  Patience could be seen as those that finished focused on their reading or writing.  A buzz was emitting from their minds.  The concentration in the room could be felt a mile away.  Each of them looking so intently at their work, stopping only to glance at a chart or nurture a thought.  Stamina, endurance, perseverance whatever you wish to call it, they had it.

Every thought, worry and feeling was coming from me not them.  They took this bull by the horns.  They had expectations for themselves that exceeded mine.

My 4th graders, I’m so proud of you!  Thank you!