The Crib, Stroller and Car Seat

by crobertson


The alarm woke us up at around 8:00am. (15 min. past our planned time of course).  Up, showered, teeth brushed, dressed and ready to go.  The day has begun.  Our first stop was to take my car in for an oil change, breakfast, 5 house showings, pick up the rocking chair we ordered, pick up my car, drop my car off at home, unload rocking chair, eat lunch, visit mom #2, switch cars (brothers SUV), load car with crib, stroller and car seat, arrive back home…phew!  The time is 8:00pm.  What a day!  Just when we thought it was over, the best part was yet to come…at least for me.

As we get out of the car and walked toward the door Chris realizes our house keys are attached to his car keys which are at his parents house where we left his car so we could switch cars with his brother and take the crib, stroller and car seat home.  His jaw dropped as this realization came to him…”I don’t have the house keys!”  We locked eyes, both puzzled.  I of course did not have my car keys…they are in our house that we are now locked out of.  Starting to get chilled I sat back in the car thinking we’re going to have to drive 45min. back to Plainfield to get our house keys.  As I stare out the windshield I see Chris come around the corner beaming.  Both arms are up in the air making fists with both thumbs up.  I had to see what was up.  The following image will be in my mind forever and when I need a laugh, I will think of this.

We had apparently left a window unlocked and he was squirming his way through the window.  In the house we had the mattress, for the crib, that was in the car, that we had to get, that caused this whole situation.  I had laid it on the floor where the crib was supposed to go.  While I saw him squirming through the window he was saying, “land on the mattress, land on the mattress…you can do it!”  I can barely hold it together now as I write this.  I was laughing so hard the baby probably felt like I was on a trampoline.  The next sound I hear is the contact of skin (Chris’) and plastic (the wrapper on the mattress) and a Uhhhh….  At this point my face was wet from the tears of laughter.  The first words I could get out of my mouth were, “I have to write this tonight.”

Baby Robertson, in the future you will be hearing the story about how daddy had to crawl through the window because we were locked out of the house bringing your crib, stroller and car seat home and how mommy laughed so hard you bounced in her belly as tears streamed down her face.