Old Green Singer

by crobertson

Sewing.  A getaway, time to clear my mind.  Time to connect.  Time to remember.

My love and admiration started very early in life.  I would watch my mom sew my costumes every Halloween.  She did this for my brother as well.  For my first sleep-over I had a custom sleeping bag, one like no other (it even had a matching pillow).  I felt so special when mom would sew me something.  It would take her hours, even days.  She was taking time out and putting all her energy and love into something just for me.  To this day, I have all the costumes, sleeping bag, dolls….everything ready for my son/daughter.

As I grew older I went from observing to practicing.  I started with needlepoint working my way to cross-stich.  I still had this desire to sew…really sew.  I wanted to use the machine.  Power.  Rhythm.  Control.  Reward.

I first learned from my grandma.  My mom learned from grandma when she was my age.  I first learned on an old green (it’s awesome!) Singer.  My mom learned on an old Singer.

That awesome green Singer was passed down to my mom, then passed down to me.

My mom and I used it to sew my wedding dress.  I use it now to sew the quilt for baby Robertson.  I will use it to make costumes, sleeping bags, clothes….so on and so on like grandma did for mom and mom did for me.