Indy Was…

by crobertson

Dedicated to…all those that have or had beloved pets.  Big or small. Common or unusual.

Indy was…a puppy when we first got him, I was too (just a kid).

He was…a mut, mixture of German Shepard and Golden Retriever, floppy ears, handsome brown eyes.

The only thing small about him…was the tag that said “Indy” on his collar.

The biggest thing about him…was his heart.

He was…an explorer, if he got loose he would run…run…run…even into a dirty pond (car ride home was interesting).

Indy was put to sleep 12 years ago, one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but I’m choosing to be “Happy” and this is why…

Indy was more than just a dog.

He was my hero, protecting me from a stranger that knocked on the door.

He was a comedian, doing things just to get a laugh out of me…and then doing it over and over until I was on the floor.

He was a listener, always ready and eager to be by my side and just listen as I told him my feelings or stories, giving kisses just when I needed them…like he understood.

He was an athlete…dragging me, a dumpster (filled with garbage), a tree, anything that was in his way to giving someone his love.

He was like a human…I would draw him pictures saying “I love you” lay it next to him (“he’s just going to tear that up” my dad would say) and watch him rest his head on it…he never tore it up.

He was a dancer…I don’t know how much he loved it…he would do things just because he knew it made me happy, but we would dance hand and paw…all the time.

He was an expert at tricks…one of his favorites was putting a bone on his nose as I backed away, saying “OK” and watching him flip it into his mouth.

But most importantly, he was my friend, a part of me.  His puppy dog eyes, barks and breaths of excitement,  tail with a constant wag warmed my heart everyday.

As you can see, Indy was more that just a dog…he was family.

My inspiration & mentor text for this piece:  “Houdini Was…