Little Gifts

by crobertson

Little gift of beautiful Daffodils.  I don’t know who from, but it was a little gift that kept giving.

Little gift of an adorable little Kolmar Mustang T-Shirt for the adorable little baby arriving soon.  So kind and thoughtful.

Little gift of a compliment that was given to me by someone I highly respect & admire.  I’m still thinking about it today.

Little gift of beautiful yellow Daffodils that were beginning to open up.

Little gift when I stopped to think about how one of my students every day (sometimes more than once) asks me how my day is.  Every day!

Little gift of genuine smiles and kind words from my colleagues.  Helping me get through my hardest days.

Little gift of beautiful yellow Daffodils that were beginning to smell of spring.

Little gift of sharing laughter with my students as I shared one of my blogs, seeing the excitement and inspiration in their eyes.

Little gift of Vanilla Blue Bunny ice cream with maraschino cherries on top, and just a bit of juice from the jar… favorite!

Little gift left in my mailbox, a personal note telling me that I was a great teacher.  I will keep it forever.

Little gift of beautiful yellow Daffodils that now fill my room with their beautiful and sweet smell.

As I get ready for bed tonight, I pray that these little gifts never go unnoticed.  That my eyes are always open and aware to the little gifts that are given to me everyday.  Giving thanks for all my little gifts this week.  Amen.