Just the 3 of Us

by crobertson

A small moment.  Just the 3 of us.  Mom, Ron & I.

Standing in line.  Anticipating.  Watching.  Picking out the best one.  Through the gate my mom, brother and I sit.  Mom always ends up in the middle, my brother and I make sure of this.  Gears moving.  I love the sound.  Laughter begins as my brother and I glance at each other.  “Oh come-on guys” my mom says as her eyes dart back and forth.  Gravity begins to pull.  Up, leaning to the right….whosh!  We spin so fast our heads slam back into the seat.  Laughter turns into roars.  “Ahhh…”  Down, leaning to the left…whosh!  “Ok, that’s enough!”  Mom’s reaction only makes us laugh harder.  Up, down, right, left, whosh!  Gears slow down.  Mom is relieved.  Out, down the steps…my brother and I glance at each other.  Smile.  “NO!”

To this day, mom will still ride the Tilt-A-Whril with us.  Is there are part of her that really loves it, even though she expresses her dislike?  Does she torture herself so that my brother and I can have this moment?  I guess we’ll never know.  What ever your reasons, thanks mom, we love you!