Grandpa’s Famous Eggs

by crobertson

As promised from a previous post – Continuous…”Our bellies would be full from “grandpas famous eggs” (a recipe for a later post).”

Up north.  Smell of coffee filled grandma & grandpa’s quaint kitchen.

Rrringg…shook the little red tomato timer.

Drain.  Peel 6 hard boiled eggs.  This was my job.  I always had a job.  Teamwork was our motto.

Cut.  Cubes.  My hands do this today as grandpa’s did then.

Plop.  Small squares rest in a yellow Fireking bowl.  My mouth begins to water, eyes begin to widen.

Add.  2 tbsp. of “real” softened butter.  We always use the “real” stuff.

Stir.  Watching the butter disappear.

Add.  1 tbsp. of vinegar.  Mouth really watering now.  A little extra spillage is ok.

Add.  2 tbsp. of mayonnaise.  Helmans of course!  (a generational thing)

Next, my favorite ingredent.  1/3 cup is not enough for me, so we always had the yellow mustard on the table.

Shake.  Shake.  Salt & pepper to taste.

I of course had to sample…grandpa said so.

Heaven on my face, grandpa could see.

“Breakfast is ready…lets eat!”