What Does Spring Feel Like?

by crobertson

I began to notice the first signs of spring Friday.  It could be that it was the beginning of spring break.  Maybe that the sun broke through the clouds.  Or the temperatures weren’t as frigid.  “How shoud I write about spring?”  I thought.  As I listed all my noticings of spring, I saw there were a lot of senses.  “Do I want to write a poem?”  “Is there another way to write focusing on the senses?”  So I shopped.  I shopped for a mentor text and found it!

Mentor Text for Today’s Slice:  What Does Peace Feel Like?  by Vladimir Radunsky

The first day of spring was officially March 20th, 2013.  It did not feel like spring.  Spring does not feel like chattering teeth…like snow crunching under your feet…like a gloomy cloud over your head…No. No. No.

Spring feels like a smile after eating your faviorite candy…like a warm cloth on your face…like “Yes!  I get to sleep in!”…like checking off that last item on your to do list.

Spring smells like opening a new bag of potting soil…like fresh air blowing into the window (after months of closed windows)…like newly opened flowers.

Spring looks like the sunlight beaming through the curtian…like families filling the sidewalks, walking, shopping, just being outside…like garage sales, yard sales, estate sales…like lines outside the car wash…like sunglasses and smiles on everyones face.

Spring sounds like birds chripping…like little voices and giggles echoing…like vacuums eating up the last of winter dust…like silence in the morning (goodbye alarm)…like Canadian Geese honking once again.

Spring tastes like…(a sense not found on my list, what does spring taste like to you?)