Beauty in the Details

by crobertson

I find beauty in the details.  One of these details are buttons.  When I go shopping and come across a shirt, blouse, jacket….if it has a unique button that seals the deal.  This attention to detail is not a recent discovery.  It all started when I was first able to say the word “button”.

You see, my mom had this bucket of big wood beads and buttons.  There were lost shoe laces perfect for making necklaces.  I would make necklaces.  Button necklaces.  I would examine each one, carefully choosing it to join the parade.  These were not the buttons you find in craft stores (although some of those are neat).  The buttons in this bucket were from old jackets, shirts, dresses, misplaced, lost, forgotten.  They were beautiful.  All different shapes and sizes.

Some had hunting scenes, flowers, fruit, portraits, sparkles…

Some were woven fabric, mother of pearl, wood, leather, metal, plastic…

Some were really special, they were glass, celluloid, bakelite…

To this day I have a fascination with buttons.  I collect them, stored in jars, organized by color.  I educated myself on the types of buttons.  There’s quite a history and value to them (those go in a separate jar).  I make jewelry.  Not the chunky button necklaces as a kid, but I still carefully select each button to make bracelets, earrings and rings (so far).  I have sold, given them as gifts and even kept one for myself  🙂

I know these buttons are leaving my collection.  I know that someone wearing my jewelry has found beauty in the details like me.  I hope to have given buttons new life.  That others find the beauty in the details.