Seeing the Every-day

by crobertson

About a couple years ago I went with Chris to the doctors office.  Nothing major, just a normal check-up.  Chris sat down as I rummaged through the magazines.  My eye latched on to one of them.  The cover, the title…I was intrigued.  The magazine was called  “Seeing the Every-day, A Magazine On The Prosaic”  I sat down next to Chris and turned the first page.  This was already unlike any magazine I have ever seen.  I continued to explore and then I hear a faint “Chris”

As we left the doctors office, I still had the magazine in my hand.  I just couldn’t let this one go.  I had never heard of it.  Had never seen it in a store.  I wanted to continue to read and find out what this magazine was all about.

Today I am subscribed to “Seeing the Every-day”

Today I read:  “Understanding, The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross”

Today I reflect on Understanding.

I made a trip to JoAnn’s to get some fabric to make a small blanket for the baby.  I had a plan in my mind.  I was focused and determined, walking through the doors, my jaw dropped.  The store was being remolded or something…I don’t really know.  I felt like I was in a snow globe…except all the pieces were loose and just fell anywhere and everywhere.  I was still focused and determined, so I continued to walk in.  The once organized isles of fabric were now all over the place.  I walked, walked, walked…searching for gray flannel.  I found every other color but gray.  I walked, walked, walked again thinking maybe I missed it.  Nope.  I went to the cutting counter and there was an enormous line.  My frustration starts.  I creep closer to the counter as eyes glare at me…”I just have a quick question.  Is there any gray flannel?”  She asks another associate to help and she begins looking in the same spots I did.  I told her I already looked through these, and she explained there was another mishmash (not her words) of fabric by the front of the store.  So off I go.  Focused and determined.  My level of frustration is growing.  I cannot find any gray flannel.  I know it exists.  My organized JoAnn’s had it before, not this disastrous mess of a JoAnn’s.  I at least found some fabric I wanted to get, so I headed back to the cutting counter.  There was still a line, but it wasn’t bad.  I, now exhausted and overheated put my fabric down, waiting in line.  A couple people go and then she calls the number 37.  I didn’t realize they were taking numbers so I go to get one and it says 44.  Now my frustration level is through the roof.  As if it couldn’t get worse, I spot something behind the counter….it’s gray flannel!  It wasn’t solid gray, it had white polka dots, but it was GRAY!  I was ready to walk out.  I was tired.  I was hot.  I was furious.  Turns out other people were not happy either and although my number was 44, it was called next.  The same associates were behind the counter.  I was ready.  I was going to give them a piece of my mind.

Something stopped me.  A line began to develop behind me…another enormous line.  I could see the exhaustion and desperate looks on their faces.  The computers were down so she had to manually write everything up.  Someone else was asking a question about where a particular type of fabric was…”it’s possibly over here” as she walks in attempt to help the customer find it.  I take my fabric and hear a “thank you”.

The something that stopped me was understanding.  The two associates, really all the associates world was turned upside-down.  They must of had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.  They were just as unaware of where everything was as everyone else.  They were just as frustrated, tired, exhausted and hot as I was, but managed to speak kindly, say thank you and try to be helpful.

All the bad feelings left my body as the wave of understanding hit me.