Atticus, the Autobiography

by crobertson

I’m lost.  I’m injured.  I can’t see.  I’m hungry.  I’m thirsty.  I’m scared.

I don’t remember what happened to me.  All I know to do is listen, walk and try to hide so I can live another day.

I hear voices.  What’s going on!

I feel like I’m being picked up.  I hear different sounds and it smells different.  What’s going on!

It’s starting to rain.  I’m so thristy!  Drink…Drink…Drink…Something smells like food,but I’m too scared to go near it. What’s going on!

Ok, so I think it’s time to introduce myself.  My name is Atticus.  I am a Quaker Parrot.  I was rescued about a year ago by two humans who I now call mommy and daddy.  I was attacked by something and was left missing some talons and blind in one eye.  My other eye developed a cataract because I was so malnutritioned   Fancy word for a bird huh?  It took a little over a day to trust the food they were giving me, but I finally did, which saved my life. They took me to a vet to get a check up.  They asked if I would ever be able to survive in the wild again.  The vet said,”No” because of the blindness in my eye and missing talons.  So that’s when I officially became Atticus.

It took a while to get adjusted.  I was scared of everything.  The only two things that I did trust were mommy and daddy.  They saved me.  I let them hold me, pet me, love me.  I loved it…and still do!

Today I’m one healthy bird.  My cataract is gone, so I can see out of one eye.  Mommy and daddy feed me really good food called “ommas”  I don’t know why they call it that…so silly!  I am still learning to talk.  To them it probably sounds like mumble jumble.  I am very close to a “Hi” and I do know how to laugh.  I love to laugh.  Because I get loved so much, I give that love in return.  Most of my kind can get cage territorial and even bite!  Not me.  I like to kiss, cuddle, coo, just love…it’s all I know.