Lesson Learned

by crobertson

“Pleeeese Dad…Please.”  “I can do it.”

“He’s stronger than you think.”

“He’s only a puppy.”

“Ok.”  “Hold on to him tight!”

Excitement.  I could do this.  He’s just a puppy.  What’s my dad talking about.  I got this.

Why is he walking ahead of me.

“Dad?”  “Where are you going?”

“Indy….Come here Indy.”

Indy followed directions really well.  Really well.  Indy was a very strong puppy.

“Dad!”  “Why did you do that?”

Grass hangs from my hair.  Grass between my fingers.  Grass stains on my jeans.

“I told you that he’s strong and that’s why I didn’t want you to walk him.”  “What if he sees a squirrel or another dog?”  “You weren’t ready.”  “You have to pay attention.”

“Thanks a lot dad!”  “Can I try walking him again?”

Lesson learned.  That’s how I learn.  Let me try it, fail, get back up and do it again until I get it.