The History of a Name

by crobertson

Two names on the top of my list for our little shrimp (who is now 6 months old…crazy!).  Names I immediately thought of.  Names that have changed my life.  Names that I have always said with respect.  Names that I admire the individuals they belong to.  Names that raised, taught and nurtured my mother, whom raised, taught and nurtured me.

My grandparents were such an influential part of my life, and they still are today even-though they’ve passed.  When talking about names, I knew I wanted to honor my grandparents, my mom.

“Eleanor” is my grandma’s first name.  Beautiful.  Traditional.  Elegant.  My grandma was someone who always wore a smile.  She had a laugh that if I listen really hard, I can still hear.  She was kind.  Creative.  Artistic.  She had her own style.  She stood up for her beliefs.  I see my grandma in my mom.  In me.  I want to raise, teach and nurture those things in my child.

“Bray”  my grandparents last name.  My mom’s maiden name.  “Bray”  it has a presence.  Sounds strong.  Brave.  Confident.  My grandpa Bray.  He was so  knowledgeable.  He could do everything.  Build.  Fix.  Restore.  A fantastic cook (really they both were).  He would share and teach.  He was a patient man.  A communicator.  A problem solver.  I see my grandpa in my mom.  In me.  I want to raise, teach and nurture those things in my child.

“It’s a Boy!”

Our eyes welled up with tears.  We know.  His name.  Braeden.

“Braeden”  is my son’s name.  The original Brae.  My great great grandparents changed the spelling after arriving off the ship to Bray.  He always wears a smile.  I can hear his laugh.  Oh that laugh.  He is a communicator.  I know exactly what he needs or wants.  He is patient.  I know this because when he eats, he lets all of us take turns before his next bite.  He is a problem solver.  Expressive.  Beautiful.  My love.