Making Memories

by crobertson

Do you remember the first time you ate green beans?  Do you remember the first word you ever said?  Do you remember all the things that made you giggle as a baby?  Do you remember the first time you felt sand or grass on the bottom of your feet?

The list goes on.  I don’t remember these things.  I was told these things from my mom.  She was able to share these events with me.  She made these memories.

I talked to others about Braeden’s first Halloween.  I told of our day.  What it would be like.  When Chris gets home we’re going to change Braeden into his costume.  Give him is mini candy bucket and head out to go Trick or Treating.  He’s going to press the glowing door bells.  He’s going to meet his new neighbors and reach for a piece of candy or two.  He’s going to learn how to take what’s in his hand and drop it into the bucket he’s holding.  When we get home we’re going to carve some pumpkins.  Knowing my son, he’ll want to touch and explore the pumpkin guts.  We’re going to bake pumpkin seeds.  Watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”  Answer the door for Trick or Treaters.  Braeden will hand out some candy.  We’ll each have some pumpkin in our dinner.  His favorite: pumpkin, dates, oat & chia.

I talked to others about Braeden’s first Halloween.  Their response…”He’s only 6 months old!”  Yes, he is.  But I am making memories.  The play by play in my head may not happen.  The day can be completely different.  That’s ok.  Whatever happens, we’re going to make memories.  He will not remember his first Halloween, because he is only 6 months.  I get it.  But we can share the memories Chris & I created.  We can show him pictures and replay the videos.  Because, we’re going to make these memories.

And we did.