by crobertson

I close my eyes.

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.  Lights glowing.

Round, Glass, Wood, Crafty, Metal, Pictures.  Ornaments on every branch.

Breathe….Exhale.  Pine.

Ohh, Daa, Bgg, Uh, OOh.  Braeden says as he reaches.

Bbbb, Gurgggg, Uh, Daa, Maa.  Feeling the lights, ornaments, needles.

Matching smiles, eyes meet.  Our thoughts are written in the air.

Another first.

I open my eyes.

Leaving my son everyday is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.  I miss him terribly.  So to get through those difficult times in the day, I close my eyes and take a snapshot.  Remembering a moment/s from the night or from the weekend.  Open my eyes and the weight is lifted from my heart, for a while.