Starting with a List

by crobertson


When I blog (publish) any pre-writing is done out of my notebook.  I never post the pre-writing/process.  Today, this changes.  Out of my notebook…

-blue, looks like a scarf

-bald head


-at Target, in the cafeteria

-cart full, over flowing

-children’s clothing: boy & girls

-pale skin

-snacks, food, beauty supplies

-is she a grandma?

-is she buying for sick children?

-is she buying to donate?

-empathy, sadness, i remember


-not bitter, kind, laughing with the clerk



-do I ask if she needs help

-looking at Braeden

-eyes watering

-what is her story, what happened?

-colorful lacy v-neck shirt

-large scar on her chest

-feeling of guilt