“Simple can be …

by crobertson

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
― Steve Jobs

My life is complex right now.  My mind is complex.  Worries, stress, overwhellmed, sadness.  I debated the March challenge.  More time away from Braeden.  More time away from the stacks of school work.  More weight on my shoulders.  More stress.  More tears (just pour out of me when I read & write).

“I am an emotional person.  I have to express my feelings.  Some are accepting, listen, communicate, some feel uncomfortable and avoid.  It is what it is…I am who I am…I must move on.”

I think back to an older post.  Recently I’ve expressed my feelings.  I’ve shared my worries, stresses, feelings of being overwhellmed, sadness.  When I did this, I felt a sense of relief.  When I did this, I felt support.  When I did this, I felt less stressed.  When I did this, I didn’t feel as sad.  See…when I write, tears!  So through the tears I type.  I FELT like I was accepted.  I FELT like I was cared about.  I FELT like I was being listened to.  I FELT like I was a friend.   I FELT better.  I was told, “It’s ok”  “Everything will be fine”  “Are you feeling better?”  I recieved a card with touching messages.  I recieved permission to just “toss” some of the stresses.  I recieved so much.  Thank you!  My hope, my goal is that oneday, I can give those and others all that which was given to me.

So I go back to the beginning.  Yes there will be the “more” if I do this challenge.  But, I know the reward will be greater.  I know the healing that took place just from expressing my feelings.  I know that wrting is another way to do that.  I know that doing this will allow me to give back to many.

My life is complex right now.  My mind is complex.  But…I’m going to clean it up!  I’m going to make it simple.  Maybe I’m going to move mountians.  Maybe.