Almost a Home

by crobertson

A few weeks ago, we ordered a custom kitchen table…for our empty kitchen.  Empty.  Empty for about 6 months now.  Wait, let me correct that.  There is an old fridge (not the good kind of old, the 90’s on my last string of life old), sink held by 2×4’s and a microwave.  Oh and of course, tools and equipment everywhere.  No stove, no cabinets, no countertops, no dishwasher (I never had one growing up, so no real loss for me).  At one time, only studs.  Now, walls are finally dressed with drywall.  White dust everywhere.  The smell of primer fills the air.

Today new appliances were delivered.  A french door refrigerator with a water dispencer, five burner stove, dishwasher (fancy stuff), microwave-all sitting in the sunroom.  The stainless steel glistening.

Today some cabinets were installed.  Hickory cabinets.  The wood grain journeys around the knots.  It’s natural, rustic…just my style.

Tomorrow…really sometime before the end of the month (crossing my fingers) all the cabinets installed.  Walls painted.  Countertop installed.  I can unpack.  I can cook.  We can eat food that wasn’t provided by a restuarant.  Food that isn’t zapped in a microwave.  We’ll eat the real stuff.  Real food.

Next month, the kitchen table we ordered will arrive.  A reclaimed wood top with 2 pedestal bases (from an old ice cream shop).  No more eating in the living room, using the coffee table.  Finally we can eat “together.”  Don’t get me wrong, we eat together now but it doesn’t feel the same.

I look forward to so many memories that will be made in this kitchen.  This house is almost a home.