Broken Heart

by crobertson

So this morning I had a plan for my Slice of Life.  Until something happened.

Walking down the hall to greet my students, we exchange smiles like every normal morning.  A comment or two, a little laughter.  As I approach the beginning of the line, I see a co-worker holding a garbage can.  My smile falls.  “Oh no, did someone get sick?”  Searching for the saddened face.  She explained what happened.  My heart sank.  Nobody got sick.  A box of donut holes dropped all over the floor.  They were now in the garbage.  My heart and my studnet’s heart…in the garbage.  Our eyes met, the rest of the class was in a silent somber.  I don’t know why, but my heart was really breaking for her.  Really breaking.  She insisted it was “ok”, she was “ok”.  She isn’t the type to reach out for a hug.  She didn’t seek one with her arms, but I saw it in her eyes.  We embraced, I could feel the tightness in her hug.  She needed it.  I’m reminded of my OLW, Do.  On my plan, I will be going to Dunkin Donuts to replace that broken heart.  I will Do this!

Happy Birthday Ari, I love you!