How Big Are You?

by crobertson

How Big Are You?

…This Big!

Today it has almost been a year…almost a year!
Today 11 months ago my life has never been the same.
Today it has been 11 months of…

pure joy; 99.9% of the time,
love I never knew before; overflowing from my heart,
laughter; man we just crack each other up,
new wrinkles and more gray hair; a reminder of why my life is worth living,
my soul glowing; I’m so proud of the little man I’m starting to see,
the look; nobody looks at me with so much love in their eyes,
fun; I’m pretty sure I have more,
Ahhh! all this stress is killing me; melting with a smile,
kisses; I’m soaking up all 50 a day…ok maybe more because one day I’ll only be allowed 1 or 2,
life; how did I live before you Braeden?