Writers Rut

by crobertson

Recently I’ve had a “Writers Rut”  not a “Writers Block.”  Oh no, this is much different.

I have not been writing.

I have been ignoring all the possibilities in my writing.

I have not been reading posts.

I have been missing all my fellow writers.

I have not been commenting.

I have been missing the opportunity to connect and learn from other writers.

I am not motivated.

I’m listening to those non-sense thoughts in my head. “They’re tired of reading the same things…Braeden this, Braeden that, and of course, me crying!”  I swear I don’t cry all the time.  It’s just been a tough year of adjustments.

I’m doubting myself as a writer.  I don’t let myself write because I think it isn’t going to be good enough.  I want to put all my effort and energy into my writing, and when I can’t….I don’t write.

I’m hesitant to write about certain things on my mind.  I’ve written before about events in my life that are troubling me.  It’s helped to move it from my mind to paper, a sense of letting go, even if it’s only for a short time.

I’m beating myself up for not writing.  I know my faults.  I know I just need to “write.”  I know what I need to “DO” to change this.  So when I don’t…it’s a disappointment.

I’m saying it now, for others to hear.

“I’m not hiding behind this anymore.”  I’m putting it out there.  I need to change this and if I keep this with me I may not be motivated to.

“I’m in a Writers Rut and from this point on, I’m getting out of it!”

“I’m going to write about Braeden till we’re all sick of it.”  He’s consuming my life right now.  He is my life right now…really this won’t change.

“I will write even if it feels like a draft.”  Let’s face it, I’m not perfect and that’s ok.

“I’m going to write my feelings.”  How could I not?  I’m such an emotional person that has feelings like crazy!

“I’m going to make up my missed days.”  I know these posts may be late, but rather late than never.

“Writers Rut”, I’m kicking you where the sun don’t shine!