Pot Pie and Oatmeal

by crobertson

The week is a rough time in our house. Busy. Busy. Busy. One of my biggest fears is that Braeden will suffer. That he will hear too many: not now, I can’t, play by yourself for a while, I know but I need to make dinner, just eat we need to take a bath, no, stop, hurry we need to go, we don’t have time…..

My OLW focus helps me to concour that fear.

Once Braeden and I get home, we play. Sometimes half an hour. Sometimes only ten minutes. Whatever he wants, we do. I don’t look at the clock. I don’t listen to the responsibility monsters knocking at our door. It’s just us. Playing, laughing, running, cleaning(yes he loves loves the vacuum, broom…whatever is used to clean), puzzles, dancing, singing

and cooking pot pie with some oatmeal on the side.