See Ya Monday

by crobertson

Some mornings. No most mornings. Really who am I kidding, every morning during the week I stop at Dunkin Donuts. I get my large iced coffee, cream only and…I can’t reveal the rest. My unhealthy addiction is top secret.

This morning after ordering my coffee and Boston Cre…oops! I pull up to the window. “Hi howa doin’ today hun?” Thinking she’s just being friendly I reply, “pretty good, Friday’s finally here.” We smile and nod. “Here’s your coffee and bacon wr…” oops! “Thank you.” She then says, “Have a nice weekend, see ya Monday”

I paused. Did she just say…? No. No. She recognizes me! I know I said every morning, but now reality has slapped me across the face. What’s next? I’ll walk in and won’t have to say a word. My coffee, the only item I order, will be ready? Probably.

A least the weekend workers don’t know me.