by crobertson

Yesterday we had a friend stay over for the night.  The 4 of sat and chatted it up during a late lunch.  We walked around our little downtown.  And of course had to stop at our favorite antique mall.

Braeden and an antique mall is an interesting combination.  We ALL survive, but it’s not easy.  To be honest, he’s a really good boy.  He doesn’t want to destroy.  He wants to be independent.  He wants to walk around on his own.  He usually holds our finger.  Lately he prefers to hold his own.  At times we give him a basket to help carry our goodies.  He loves to help.  There are times when he doesn’t listen, or one of us has to carry him.  We get a whine here and there.  Sometimes it escalates and he has a mini meltdown.

I think yesterday he understood.  He held my finger with no question.  I carried him when we crossed the street.  “walk?”  “walk?” he asked.  “I have to carry you across the street to keep you safe.”  He didn’t put up a fight.  I carried him as we walked through the antique mall.  He was content.  We walked around saying together “oooh!” or  “wow!” pointing to various things.  He would point to one thing, I would point to another.  He was curious and just point, I would teach.  He would find things he knows “globe”  “cup”  “book”….and we would celebrate.  He would ask “touch?” and I would let him, in a gentle way.  We laughed.  We kissed.  We hugged.  We both had smiles from ear to ear.

I think yesterday he understood,

…or maybe he just missed his mommy.