Today’s Vow

by crobertson

A friend commented on a slice a while back and I’m still thinking about what she said.

I’ve always had an “old soul”.  I think I was more mature than the babies in the nursery when I was born.  Not to say I wasn’t a “drama queen” my own mother tells me, but even in those moments, I was more mature than my peers.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe I have a good sense of humor.  I love to laugh.  I’m not some grumpy old lady…because I’m not old!  I’m very serious.  I’m very emotional.  And sometimes, that overtakes the fun.

So today I vow to pay attention to the funny.  The little things that get overlooked.  Today I vow to lighten the load.  Carrying around all that seriousness and emotion can be draining.  Not today.  So here we go.

-I realized after getting Braeden dressed in his overalls, they were flooding.  I look and they say 12 months (he’s 23 months).  He’s still in those overalls.

-Click.  Click.  Snap.  Braeden is in his carseat secure.  “Donut” he says as he looks at me with an ear to ear smile.  He even knows my daily morning stop!

-After dropping Braeden off to Daycare, I lost my keys.  Not in the car.  Not on the sidewalk.  Not near the entrance to the building.  Not on the floor in his room.  Not in his diaper bag.  Panic sets in.  Oh wait….yes in at the very very very bottom of the diaper bag.  Usually it’s my husband that pulls stunts like that.

-I had the classroom door closed and in the corner of my eye, I saw a friend’s face nearly smashed up against the window looking at me.  She will say, “no I wasn’t that close”  yes she was.

-I just noticed grease stains on my sweatshirt and while I was examining that I noticed the hole in my shoe, which I was aware of, has gotten bigger.  I can see my sock.  It really wasn’t that big before.  It must have happened when I tripped and almost fell as I was in a panic trying to find my keys earlier.  But yes.  I put on shoes that had a small hole.  Not good, I know.

-I gave the kids a 10 min. break after their test.  During this time I cleaned out my school bag.  Yes those are candles.  I myself don’t know why.

My Bag

-I nodded to participate in Open Forum and one of my kids said…”Oh Mrs. Robertson you want to participate?”…and proceeded to choose one of his peers, with a smirk on his face…”just kidding, Mrs. Robertson.”  We laughed.

-Braeden and I stopped at the park, we spend a good time finding all the “screwdiver” aka bolts.

-Braeden’s giggle with every push on the swing.

-Watching Braeden attempt to climb up a slide.

-Upon entering the house from the park…”va va” aka vacuum.  Followed by Braeden vacuuming.  It’s his favorite thing to do and yes, we sometimes use the vacuum to get what we want.

-Apparently it was cold in the house so someone wanted to wear a hat and mittens.


-The setting sun was coming through our sliding door as Braeden and I ate dinner.  I made shadow puppets and he thought this to be soooo funny.

-While I was making shadow puppets, he snuck a bite of my pizza….maybe that’s what was soooo funny.

-Before bed we ran around the house a bit.  The way those little legs move, hilarious!

… be continued.  Everyday.