Awakened by Silence

by crobertson

It is Friday, November 6th, 2015.  Somewhere around 6:30pm.

I ordered out for dinner.  “Pizza with spinach and black olives…, ok it will be there in about 45 minutes.”  Click.

I am sitting on the couch, lost in thought.  Awakened by the silence.  No tiny footsteps, singing, laughing, talking.  Nothing but silence.  “Braeden?  What are you doing?  Are you ok?”  Silence.

I jolt from the couch, sprinting in the direction of Braeden’s room.  Heart racing.  Through the door.  Around the corner.

A trail.

A. Trail.

I froze.

At my feet, under my toes.

A trail of books.

“Braeden?  Did you hear me calling you?”

“Yeah, I’m reading.”

He opens another book, taking a couple minutes on each page.  Reading to his mind.

“Sit down mommy, read.”

(of course I had to dash back to the couch, get my phone and take a picture)

He picks another book.  A familiar book.  A book I have probably read to him over a dozen times.

He reads to me.

“Don’t worry Ernie, we’ll call Maria over the loudspeaker.”

I watched him.  He cannot read the words yet, but he is reading the words through pictures.  My heart melts.

We sat in silence, reading to our minds until the pizza arrived.