by crobertson

Tuesday is a late day for me.

After I exit the school building, the drive to Naperville begins.

When I arrive to my sister-in-law’s, say “hello”, get my hug and kiss from Braeden, put the car seat in the car, put the him in the car, put myself in the car…breathe.

I pull up to the restaurant, order food, sit Braeden down, get drinks, take him to the bathroom, eat, back in the car…breathe.

“The library!”, out of the car, go downstairs, find a spot to sit, listen to a story, do a craft, a puzzle, up the stairs, check out our books, in the car…breathe.

Now I sit.  Writing.  Listening to Braeden sleep.  Thinking about today.

Tuesday is a late day for me.

I’m exhausted.


I sat in a restaurant with Braeden listening to “our song”, giggling, have a conversation, stopping to look into his eyes making sure he could see my smile.

I sat in the chair watching Braeden listen to a story, enjoying the books, looking up at me seeing that I’m enjoying it too.

I sat with him while he cut along the lines, glued on eyes and ears, helped clean up, making sure he walked with the scissors just like we practiced, because he knows how much I love him and he wants to be safe.

I sat with Braeden in my lap, reading a story together, hug, kiss, “goodnight”, tucked him in tightly.  “I love you”  “I love you too”

Tuesday is a late day for me.


I wouldn’t have it any other way.