Somehow We All Survived

by crobertson

Seems like a simple task.

That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

A routine.

Everyday, except some days on the weekend.

This morning it was far from ordinary.  It was a battle.  With tears of anguish.

It was getting dressed.  It was getting Braeden dressed.  It was getting Braeden dressed who was sick, in pain and sleepy.

What shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, took nearly 30 minutes.

Tears, hitting, biting, fleeing the room screaming.

Exhausted, I nearly succumbed.  Ready to bring him to school in pjs.

Then I found it.  A bargaining tool.  A Chewy granola bar.

That wasn’t enough.  A small cup of juice followed.

Somehow we made it in the car with only a pair of shoeless feet.

Somehow we all survived.

Seems like a simple task.  Hah!