She Was Brave

by crobertson

I was in a classroom.  Listening to slices.  Some from my former students; others that I am getting to know just this year.

I heard and felt the pain from one.  Someone she loves was gone from her life.  She told us he was never going to graduate high school, only 13 years old.  Taking breaks to get her voice back.  I hear the tremble, tears are forming.  Her words.  Her sentences.  So powerful.  Evoking such pain.  And when she passed her paper to him to finish, I lost it.

I know her, she is like one of my own. When she lost her little nephew a little over 2 years ago, she held back.  She has written about that loss twice.  Always exhibiting strength.    Protecting her heart.  Her words.  Her sentences.  Shielding everything.


She was brave.  Not for standing in front of her peers, reading her slice.

She was brave.  Not for getting emotional in front of her peers.

She was brave.  Because she let herself feel.  She knocked down her walls.

“You are so brave.”  I said quietly, as my arms encircled her.