That Would Be So Fun

by crobertson

I barely made it through today.  The whole family is sick, and we have not gotten enough sleep the past few nights.  It’s been rough to say the least.

I thought about the long drive ahead of me, as I left work.  How I just wanted a bed to sleep in.  Today is usually a library day for Braeden and I, but just I couldn’t do it.  When we arrived home, I was ready for dinner; shortly followed by bed.

The thought of making dinner put me closer to sleep.  So I went ahead and ordered pizza.  What would I do without pizza delivery?  Defeated, I lay on the couch with a big oomph!

Pitter patter, pitter patter.  I open my eyes to Braeden standing right in front of me.

“Can we go outside?”  “Can we…eat pizza outside?”  “Can we use great-grandma’s table?”  “Mom?”

Slowly I rose from the couch that began to engulf me.  I got down on his level, getting ready to tell him how sick and tired I felt.  He placed his hands gently on my cheeks.  “Can we eat dinner outside?”  “Mom, that would be so fun.”

His words.  His voice.  His face.






I simply couldn’t say no.