You Danced, You Sang

by crobertson

In the middle of an aisle; in a grocery store…really any store.

You dance, you sing.

In the car; for what could be the whole drive.

You dance, you sing.

In the house; furniture is moved to make more room.

You dance, you sing.

In the restaurant; if the music really strikes you.

You dance, you sing.

Today we went to our local downtown, perused the shops and made our way to a restaurant for lunch.  Our walk slowed to a stop as we rounded the corner.  Right there in the middle of the sidewalk, the music could be heard.

You danced, you sang.

Not a care in the world.  Pure happiness.  Freedom and a love for life.  The music, the movement; bring you to this place.  I love that about you.

We stopped, giving you time to celebrate the music.

We stopped, giving ourselves time to celebrate the joy being felt in our hearts.