by crobertson

I was surprised upon entering the gas station, low fuel light on, that I forgot my wallet at home; praying that I made it home and back again, I returned to the station.

“Braeden slept until 9:00a” which surprised me, because he always seems to wake up earlier when I am home…hmm.

A friend surprised me with a homemade piece of cheesecake, which tasted like Mint Meltaways, Andies Mints and Thin Mints; yeah the Girl Scout cookies and yeah it was that good.

While observing kindergarten students, I heard one share an observation that he made outside the school walls, which he was going to apply in his choice time today; they are becoming more aware and surprised by the world around them, simply amazing.

Surprised at the outcome when I listened to needs, gave choice and everything was still; quiet, with only a few voices.

Shortly after starting my drive home I received a text from my husband, a picture of someone that realized I would be seeing the gigantic cookie which was being eaten; surprised indeed.