by crobertson

This house is a mess.  I mean, maybe some would find this house to be “not that bad”.  But to me, it’s a mess.  As I write…wait, let me take another sip of wine.  Ahh, ok.  That helps.

You see, I’m sitting here writing while my house is a mess.

I have a kitchen sink full of dirty dishes.  And they’re not rinsed.  Nope, no time for that.  Instead I was probably spending time changing my 2 month old’s diapers.  You may think that doesn’t take a long time.  What you don’t realize is that he is so chatty, smiles a ton and squeals like a porpoise while I change his diaper.  It’s a time to look at each other, eye to eye and smile.  A time that makes me happy, even when he pees on me!

Wet clothes are in the dryer that I for some reason am attempting to clean, even-though they will be so wrinkled by the time I get to folding them tomorrow morning, or maybe tomorrow afternoon, actually who am I kidding; it will be tomorrow night!  Instead I was probably playing Legos with my 3 year old son.  We were fixing my castle.  He fixed is car.  And then we were searching a gazillion Legos for that one piece to finish his truck.  You know how that goes!

A small bowl of my son’s snack is still sitting in our sun room.  Been there since about 11am.  Stale and soggy.  Seems like a quick, pick it up and throw it out.  Not that simple.  Oh, I actually see part of a yellow pepper sitting on the coffee table in front of me right now.  Awesome!  Instead I was still trying to find that damn Lego piece!

I should probably stop before I embarrass myself.

This house is a mess.  And there are a lot of insteads.

That’s why I have an old trivet I purchased a while back at an antique store that reads, “Our house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy.”