by crobertson

I look down at my computer.  6:41a.  All three of my boys are still asleep.  My husband, three year old, and two month old.  I can write.

It’s usually difficult for me to write everyday in March.  I still sign up for the challenge.  I still write when I can.  But I seem to always miss days.  This year, it’s really a challenge.

It is nearly impossible to write during the day.  When my two month old is taking a nap, I’m playing LEGOs, or cleaning mounds of dishes.  Usually something takes my time.  Nighttime is playing out to be my time to write.  That doesn’t go too well either.  The screen makes my sleep deprived eyes feel heavier.

So here I write, while I can.  I look and see that I have 8 drafts.  Maybe I can get to one of those today and publish.