by crobertson

A couple weeks ago my youngest son had his two month old check up.  With any check up, there was the usual height and weight measurement.  The milestones checklist.  Ears and mouth…

“Did Braeden teethe early?”  the doctor asked.

I had to stop and remember, “Yes.  He was about 4 months old.”

“Well, it looks as though Asher will be teething early too.”


“Come look, his gums are swollen and you can see here the white.  Nothing has cut yet, but I can see he’ll teethe early like Braeden.”

“That explains all the drool.”

Last night, Asher had a terrible night sleeping, which equaled a quadruple terrible night for me.

“I’m. going. to. die.” my mind was screaming.

Well, I somehow survived today.

And today in Asher’s calendar (not even three months old yet), I had to write in, lower central incisors breaking through.

And today Asher received some Tylenol before going to bed.

And today I pray for us to get some sleep…