Silver Bells

by crobertson

This Halloween is different.  Partly due to having a new addition to our family.  Partly due to Braeden’s choice on what to dress up as.  Partly due to the sense of accomplishment I felt making his costume.  Mostly due to Braeden.  Standing by my side in his Santa costume, eagerly wating for someone to answer the door.

“Trick or Treat”  He takes a piece of candy.  “Thank you”  The door begins to close.

I hear his sweet voice, “wait, wait”.  I watch his tiny hand grasp a silver bell, strung with red ribbon, out of his pocket.  Jingle, jingle.  Reaching out, he hands her the bell.  “Oh, is this for me?”  “Thank you!”  He has a smile from ear to ear.

This Halloween is different.  Mostly due to Braeden.  His choice to dress up as Santa and give a bell to everyone is more that just adorable to me.  It’s a testament to who Braeden is.  He loves the spirit of Christmas and admires Santa.  He loves to make connections with others.  He loves to give.  He loves life.  For Braeden, this exchange is more fulfilling than any candy bar; which vanishes in minutes.  This simple act of kindness has brought him pure joy.

As I look down at him by my side, I’m reminded how much I love him.  How much I love the person he is becoming.  We start to turn around, ready to walk to the next house.

I look up, beaming with pride.

I am blessed to share my life with you.

My Braeden.