Sunday Begins

by crobertson

This morning I was abruptly woken by Braeden yelling mommy, mommy, mommy!  I jolt out of bed thinking: did he get sick again, he’s being so loud, what if he wakes up Asher, it’s only 6:00 and I’m not ready to get up.  I open the door and I see Asher stand up and start jumping while giggling in his crib.  I hear, “Mommy, I’m awake.”  Even though I’m a little irritated, I can’t help but chuckle.  “I know.”  Once I see that Braeden is ok, I let him know that I’m not ready to get up.  I turn on the light in his room and go to my bed, expecting to fall back asleep.

I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I was listening intently on what was coming through the monitor.


-llaa laa, da da, ma ma ya ya (and other sorts of baby talk)

-a few thumps

-uh – oh (more baby talk)

-moments of silence


-Braeden breaking out into song:  “I’m on my way…..remember these country lanes when I did not know the answer and I drift away…….along the castle on the hill, ooh woo”

-oaah, ya ya (more baby talk)

It’s been almost 40 minutes.

Footsteps.  Closer, closer, closer.  “Mommy, could I have a little bit of your tape?”  I’m now beginning to wonder what is happening in the room next door.  “Yes, just this much.”  “Thank you mommy.”  Off he goes.

Footsteps again.  Closer, closer, closer.  “Special delivery!”

Braeden hands me two envelopes.  “I have a special delivery for you.”

Special Delivery

My heart bursts.  I make sure our eyes meet, “Thank you, Brae.”

“What do you think about eggs and bacon for breakfast?”  “Yes!Yes!Yes! Yeah!”

Sunday begins.