I Get it, but…

by crobertson

Thank you for loving him.

I get that hearing the same song repeatedly can be annoying.  Especially when all the lyrics are not accurate, and it’s usually only one or two lines over and over.  I know, there are even Christmas songs…still.  At least he’s on key.  I get it, but he loves to sing.  It makes him happy.  I see pride in his face.  No fear or hesitation.  It brings him absolute pure joy.  Pure. Joy.

It may be startling when you have him growling at you like a fierce lion, or maybe he is Elsa shooting ice out of his palms, or Spiderman shooting webs, or Superman running fast (I mean flying), or maybe he’s a doctor taking care of you again, or maybe he is a chef (a dancing chef..in his words) asking what you would like to eat, or maybe a construction worker hammering over and over and over, the list goes on.  I get it, but he’s still only 4.  He’s discovering the world.  Discovering himself.  Imagining what could be, expanding his mind.  His life.

I know it’s extra work to clean up mess he’s created.  Just when you think you’re done, he’s caused a little extra.  We’re all tired.  We all have stress to deal with.  I know it slows everything down.  I get it, but he just wants to help.  It’s in his core.  Even when you don’t ask, he just does.  He feels needed.  Satisfied.

I understand, back to sound, particularly sound effects.  Annoying at times.  Excessive most times.  Loud every time.  Vaccuums, car wash, lawn mowers, chain saws, leaf blower, really anything.  Anything that has a sound, he can generate a sound effect.  Anything.  Yes, again it’s loud.  It can create a head ache.  I get it, but when your pretending it’s crucial to have a sound.  He’s making things real.  Immersing himself.  Putting his all into everything.

It may be troublesome when he displays certain manners at the table.  There may be times when you wonder if he knows how to use a fork.  Why he’s blowing bubbles in his water (honestly, I sneak in a bubble or ten in my water too, it’s fun).  How a cheeseburger will never look like a cheeseburger again.  That he can be so much messier than his 1 year old brother.  I know, sometimes he may show you what is in his mouth.  I get it, but he’s still learning.  Still testing boundaries.  Asserting himself.  He knows manners, but he is just a kid and that pops out at the table every so often.

That’s right, you heard the word poop.  Not just once, I know.  There are a lot of silly things we hear coming out of his mouth.  Jokes.  Jokes.  Jokes.  I understand that they might not make sense.  I know we’re adults and it isn’t funny every time.  That being so silly has it’s limitations.  I get it, but he is showing you how important you are to him.  How comfortable he is with you.  He’s letting you in.  He knows that it’s not always funny, it’s a vulnerable place.  He’s trying to connect with you.  Breaking the ice.

So.  Thank you.  Coming deep from this mama’s heart.  Thank you for loving him anyway.